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Our extensive creativity and innovation is best expressed through our design-build approach to construction in any commercial or residential projects. The key to success in design-build is establishing a vision and delivering work that matches your budget expectations of superior quality.  MC Design Build has earned its reputation over 30 years of building strong relationships, timely completion of projects, and the highest quality work.

We guide you through your options.

Starting a build can be a daunting task as there is a multitude of aspects to address. We guide our clients through the conceptualization stages taking into account the type of business and the needs of the employees or customers. It is very important that we understand your business; This helps us deliver plans for a space that is innovative, functional, and comfortable.

Proper planning early in the project is key to providing the best value to our clients. Our committed resources specifically focus on implementing the project parameters; including design needs, budget constraints, and schedule requirements.

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We understand that each project is unique and pride ourselves on being flexible, sometimes we build what we design, sometimes we build what you design. We also ensure due diligence to make certain all paperwork and permits are taken care of.

Probable Cost Per Square Foot Of Your Construction Project

The construction costs of a project are directly correlated with, but not limited to, the scope of the project: whether your office space will be a build-out within an existing building shell/space or will need to be built from the ground up. This will ultimately dictate the needed expertise of a few or many team members and the level of aesthetic language desired. In the attempt to establish a preliminary construction cost budget, MC Design Build applies the common practice of using historical project cost data from similar project types. We use past projects of a similar function, size and finish level as the benchmark and apply the same cost data to the construction project being considered.

Our design and engineering partners create an efficient layout maximizing every square inch of your space, selecting quality finishes and cost effective elements with detailed construction documents and specifications and avoiding unnecessary changes during the construction phase are among a few of the measures that you can take to reign in your overall construction costs.

Completing construction projects on time requires skillful management. MC Design Build construction site are properly managed in order to ensure a project’s success and maintain above average workforce productivity.

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MC Design Build carefully manages this process to ensure good value is obtained, the correct materials or services are purchased, a high level of quality is received, timescales are met and good relationships are maintained between the procurer and the supplier.

Establishing a procurement strategy at the outset is key to a successful outcome.

MC Design Build has partnered with vendors with good relationship and experienced solution providers. We have considerable experience and knowledge with all procurement routes and can advise clients on the most suitable procurement route for their project. Construction work has become so specialized that even a small subcontractor can make innovative contributions to a project using its particular expertise. At MC Design Build, we understand that construction clients range from experienced owners who may have their own professional team and an effective procurement policy to the inexperienced client with little or no knowledge of procurement methods and who requires extensive professional advice.

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MC Design Build is a licensed and insured general contractor.

We help you to determine that we are the right contractor for your space build-out, here are four key aspects that you should consider:

Does your Space Experience Matter?

Every space is different from each other and we make sure to have a quality craftsmanship according floorplans, utility, and design components. MC Design Build has successfully built spaces with our design partners within the commercial industry.

Does The Estimate And Timeline Match Your Needs?  

Your budget and desired schedule are two extremely important factors for MC Design Build. We will work with you to make sure your construction budget and project timeline match your expectations. The main factors that affect budget include square footage, the extensiveness of the renovation, your space specialty, and your desired finishes.

Are our Previous Clients Happy?

Many of our clients come from referrals and we always share references with prospective clients. Talking to previous clients is one of the best ways of discovering the quality of a contractor that MC Design Build is. You can ask our clients if the project came in under budget and on-time and if they had any communication issues with the contractor or were unhappy with the end results.

You Will Enjoy Working with MC Design Build 

We will spend a lot of time communicating with you as a contractor throughout the construction process. By maintaining a dedicated staff, we work to collaborate well and make the process much less stressful. We are happy to meet prospective clients and to develop comfortable partnerships!

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